We live in a unique time in history. We have particle accelerators to probe the fabric of reality. We have a global network to connect the world. And we have electronic bass music for getting the party moving on the dance floor!

By some ineffable process, dance beats percolate from the ethers into Sharps' mind, crystalizing there into fragments of bump, whomp, squiggle and shake. He then transcribes these elements onto a personal computer, arranging them into dancefloor sized portions. These portions are then vibrated out of large speakers, causing air molecules to jiggle, and as a result, the people wiggle on the dancefloor. His particular breed of dance music is a kind of psychoactive bass music, a bubbly mixture of tropical rave, west coast beats and sonic experimentalism. 



No novice to the scene, Sharps has almost two decades of production under his belt, first gaining cross-border recognition from some of his early hits like Nightwork and his viral remix of Ginuwine's Pony. During his career he has produced a full-length album, 10 EPs, and numerous compilation appearances, collaborations, and one off tracks. His DJ career has brought him to perform all over the world, including London UK, San Francisco, Black Rock City, Austin, Montreal, and Vancouver BC.

Sharps began writing beats nearly two decades ago, originally inspired by the raves and IDM of the time. He cut his teeth DJing and producing in his original hometown of Edmonton AB. Rooted in the cuting edge underground music culture of the time, he eventually broke onto the international scene with a series of large tunes including Nightwork, Girl Sweat and his remix of Ginuwine’s Pony. Around 2009 these hits gained him some real exposure with plays from Mat the Alien, Robb G, Drop the Lime, and Bassnectar, who dropped "My Little Pony" at Shambhala's Village stage that year. This was the stepping stone that brought him to Black Rock playa for his first burningman in 2009. In 2010 he joined forces with the glitch/bass imprint, Muti Music for his release of Bad Sister - a four track EP of heavy bass tunes that cracked the charts on Beatport, Addictech and Juno. 

His most recent EP "Sandpaper and Velvet", was released early 2015, and is available on bandcamp and other outlets.

Sharps currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

In 2002 he was awarded a Hugh le Caine SOCAN prize for young composers for his electroacoustic composition, Underlying Fabric.